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Family In Distress

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Champions club

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Family In Distress

Our under-resourced populations are America’s future small business champions. We are dedicated to each entrepreneur’s education and the formation, growth, and success of their small business.

This aspect of the program represents the final initiative used by FID to celebrate the start-up small business owner.

  • We will provide mentorship and share ethical sound business practices at various stages in their professional lives.
  • With an intense focus on each attendee’s specific business needs, we will ensure they have an actionable 90-day game plan to grow and build their brand.

The Champions Club revisits the need of not only having a business plan but being ready to open/launch through preparation, knowledge, perspective, confidence, and resources.

Champions Club will provide:

  • A Certification of Studies
  • A plaque for the sacrifices they have made to make their businesses successful
  • Continuous aftercare mentoring (as needed)
  • Help in creating workshops or unique opportunities to connect and showcase their business
  • A Roadmap to Using Social Media Campaigns and Small Business Tactics and Strategies to Overcome Day-to-Day Issues
Family In Distress