We are committed to service!!!

FID offers individuals hope, purpose, and opportunity through our evidence-based training methods, as a guide for their professional development. Each staff member is dedicated to helping formerly incarcerated and under-resourced citizens with successful reintegration into society. In the last 2 years we have helped:

  • 40 men received Leadership/Entrepreneurship training weekly at the Everglades Correctional Institution
  • 53 participants secured employment opportunities
  • 12 participants started small businesses
  • 1,410 men via our support groups
  • 1,206 women via our support groups
  • 300 children via our YES program
  • 80 parents with counseling and financial support
  • 25 people with their GED’s, 5 enrolled in college
  • 30 families with housing assistance
  • 750 families with food, care packages and toys for Christmas

Our Mission

To equip and transform under-served individuals and ex-offenders with programs, tools, and opportunities to start new lives through entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

Act as a developer, educator and catalyst for disrupting the cycles of incarceration and poverty in our communities. We help the under-resourced to open businesses toward self-sufficiency and a second chance.


Founded in 2011, Family In Distress, Inc. is a section 501(c) (3) of the IRS code. We have served over 9,200 men, women, and children who were homeless or formerly incarcerated; an annual average of 705 reentry and 603 homelessness. We provide education and information to raise the socio-economic development of communities.

We interact with governmental, faith-based and other community-based organizations to enhance programs, projects and services to those in need, by offering evidence-based programs, with a dedicated team of caring professionals, throughout the South Florida area as a leader in helping formerly incarcerated and under-served citizens successfully reintegrate into society.

FID will provide training, education, tools, and developmental skills needed to disrupt the cycles of incarceration and poverty. We will help the underserved population to begin creating businesses leading to self-sufficiency and a second chance.

Why Entrepreneurship

FID believes that entrepreneurship is another way of helping the under-resourced (formerly incarcerated/homeless) citizen to start their own business, get a true second chance, move pass discrimination and stigmas associated with their past, and the rejection they face in the job market. Our actions and efforts are to have a tremendous influence and impact through reaching the underserved populations, whose success as our students remains the basis for which FID’s Growth Strategies For Life (GSFL) academy an affiliate of Aidan University is founded.

We provide the resources for anyone committed to creating a path to personal growth. In this way, we aim to reduce or end the discrimination these would-be employees experience. We aim to end the cycle of economic insecurity leading them back to illegal activities or homelessness.

Participants receiving HP computers donated through Reverse The Door
Dr. White is featured in picture 2 celebrating the moment with them.

Who is Dr. White?

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