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We are a resource for helping families cope with life's challenges through prayer, counseling and support.
Our motto is "Caring For What Matters Most"

“We are committed to serving the whole community one person at a time”

The goal of Family In Distress programs is to holistically transform families—
providing enhanced prospects for their futures.
We make available access to opportunities and resources that participants need to succeed.

We are an integral part of a continuous vision in helping others to excel. We seek to help people who are hurting mentally, financially, spiritually, or even physically. We provide a safe atmosphere which allows individuals to share their stories and hear from others who have been through and overcome similar experiences. Everyone has the opportunity and resources necessary to grow at Family in Distress. Join us today. We look forward to serving you!

Founder and President

Cheryl White-Holt

Dr. Cheryl White-Holt—an Apostle and Evangelist of South Florida, founded Family In Distress five years ago with the help of many volunteers and fellow believers. Dr. White-Holt was inspired to start Family In Distress while in Canada. She was awakened with a vision to help those in need and to fulfill the eight principals governing a compassionate life known as the Eight Beatitudes. Dr. White-Holt is a native of Kingston, Jamaica West Indies and became a naturalized citizen of the USA in 1999.

Because of her compassion for those in need, she has embarked on a journey of helping the poor, those leaving incarceration, as well as helping to restore families. The need to restore individual lives through empowering them to be their own solution, changing mindsets, encouraging education and proper decision-making are some of the means used by her in helping others to make a difference in the healing of their human soul. Dr. White-Holt’s mission is to spread the knowledge that love still exists and that the poor in spirit will be rewarded as will the meek. Those who mourn will be comforted, as will those who hunger and thirst after virtue.

As an Executive Leader, she has achieved her highest education at Nova Southeastern University, where she has earned her degree of Doctor of Education (Ed. D) in Organizational Leadership and Conflict Resolution. She is committed to doing what is right, not necessarily what is commonly accepted. Dr. White-Holt acknowledges that saving a child is to save a future adult, thus she and her staff work aggressively with children and adults to demonstrate that someone cares, believes in them, and will work with them so they may achieve their goals and success in life.

Thank you for a wonderful 2017!


Season's Greetings-What a season!
We have now come to the end of the season. The last event of the year being our Christmas event, was held at the Dania Beach PATCH, December 16, 2017! As you know we have had a season of ups and downs. All our challenges for the year were met. We were successful in training and developing over 800 homeless men and women, as well as over 900 reentry men and women.

Perhaps our most stunning success in 2017 will be the joy felt in being able to work with the men, women, and children that needed our services throughout the year and this season. One of the most memorable moments was the Christmas event to which so many of you gave graciously. Thank you again for sponsoring and attending the event and helping (FID) to serve our community successfully.

Other highlights of the year were, working within our various community areas teaching classes in Parenting, Thinking for Change (T4C), Accountability and Responsibility, to name a few. We were excited to have participated in many events such as the “Family Day,” “Mother’s Day,” “The Russell Education Foundation Breakfast for Friends & Supporters,” and “DCF Refugee Meetings”. A lot of individuals connected with our organization and put in a lot of challenging work fundraising and training during many sessions. It is this sort of community involvement which we think makes our organization extra special. Thank you once more for your generous sponsorship over the last year. Your support is not something we take lightly and is very much appreciated by everyone connected with Family In Distress, Inc.

Dr. Cheryl A. White, CEO & Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

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