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The Youth Empowerment School is happy to announce our implementation of
Conflict Coaches "Building a Better Today and Tomorrow for Our At Risk Youth" Program

FID's Yes! program is designed to educate, empower and inspire High School Students ages 15-25 who fall into the category of being at-risk to academic, personal, and social failure. It is designed especially for who have been referred to alternative schools and juvenile detention. Popular sociologists have called their path the “public school to prison pipeline”. The goal of the YES! program is to break the cycle by providing a pathway to productivity, responsible citizenship, motivation, employability, college entrance, and entrepreneurship.

The program seeks to teach these traditionally hard-to-reach students by making their learning “real world” applicable. Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds typically look for information they believe will materially affect their lot in life and lead directly to economic empowerment. These are exactly the areas that Yes! will address.

YES! will provide students with services such as:
  • Kidz Plus One: Service is designed to motivate single-parents and their children by aiding them strategically to overcome the anxiety of balancing school schedules, financial woes, social isolation, decision making and problem-solving, and guilt. Service will incorporate an evidence-based holistic approach to helping all solo families, regardless of gender. Consequently, services include both the parent and the child as participants, and will work to help families find affordable housing, nutritional programs, social skills, recreational outlets, and other services as deemed necessary.

  • Generational Innovators: Helps to educate the aged out vulnerable at-risk re-entry foster care youth. Includes individuals facing transition back into communities after removal from the child welfare system, educational system, the juvenile justice system, and immediate family dwellings (foster-home). These environments have the potential of developing at-risk individuals with no coping skills, no social skills, no employability skills, no cognitive skills, and no postsecondary educational skills. Service is designed to help with the reunification and self-development of reentry. Service helps each at-risk youth to discover unique talents, abilities, potential, and the emotional aspect of a new life through coaching, education, mentorship, and a growing network of trained professionals. Moreover, the service will provide coaching from a conflict resolution perspective to help individuals remove any lingering emotional barriers in their lives. The program provides evidence-based tools that are guaranteed to help them problem-solve, make critical decisions, remove stress, and the blame cycle in their lives.

  • Angelica's Haven: Works with the youth possessing special needs (differently able). These individuals — upon being removed from the child welfare system, the adult disability system, the educational system, the juvenile justice system, and immediate family dwellings — have the potential of becoming at-risk because of no coping skills, no social skills, no employability skills, no cognitive skills, and no postsecondary educational skills. As such, aftercare services will be provided in the comfort of their home, and/or a serving facility. This includes independent living skills development, employability skills, or educational opportunities. This service will downplay the disability label in the marketing of services to aged out special needs’ youth to build their courage and remove any apprehension they may have, or any discomfort they may feel when obtaining services.

The YES! program engages and trains young people that the public school system has not been able to effectively reach. We provide the program, the support, the system and the belief required to break the cycle of poverty and imprisonment in their lives. Our youth are facing real problems and the Yes! program is a real solution. Get involved! Partner with us and make a difference in the life of a young person.

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