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Sr. Pastor Alan Holt is the President and Founder of several community service based organizations and businesses. He has been featured on television, radio, books, newspapers and magazines as a trainer, coach and leader for developing ideas and models that produces empowerment, economic development and change.

Pastor Holt is a graduate and Hall of Fame Member of North Miami Senior High School, a graduate and former quarterback at the University of Minnesota, and has over 25 years of experience coaching, consulting and mentoring leaders from every segment of society including professional, olympic and amateur athletes and coaches, business leaders, politicians, lawyers, educators, doctors, spiritual leaders, sales professionals, public speakers, customer service professionals, social service professionals and people from every walk of life that simply want to achieve more. Pastor Holt is a successful business owner and leader. He holds a Master of Divinity Degree, has pastored three churches as a licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel, and has professional experience as a Sales Trainer, a Licensed Insurance Agent and Broker, and as a Certified Educational Consultant / National Trainer with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness.

Pastor Holt has devoted his life to inspiring, empowering and equipping business leaders, entrepreneurs, employees and individuals for personal and business success in the marketplace, community and throughout the world. He is highly recognized and respected in his industry as a confidence and mental toughness expert, coach, keynote and conference speaker, gifted teacher and trainer, entertainer and skilled communicator who delivers high impact, genuine and life-changing motivational presentations.

When you bring Pastor Holt in to speak at your next training, workshop, conference, convention or meeting, he will positively impact your organization and become a resource you will want to invite back to speak again and again.

Interesting Facts ....

Pastor Holt is a Volunteer Track Coach for the Miami Northwest Express Track Club and is the son of coaching legend - Jesse Holt (age-group track coach of Olympians: Bershawn "Batman" Jackson and Tiffany Ross-Williams). He works as a consultant to several professional athletes and his organization serves, trains and empowers hundreds of inner-city youth each year.

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