Ladies United

Ladies United

If you believe that being a lady is simply determined by birth, then think again! The First Lady of the United States carries no salary, only expectations. Coco Chanel of Chanel No. 5 once said “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Don’t be crazy".

The generational differences experienced can be found in understanding the process of how to be a lady as similar to pursuing a well-rounded education. It is the fruit of producing greater happiness, fulfillment, purpose and influence, depending of course on what you would like out of this life.

Our Program Mission

The Essence of Being a Lady

To integrate gender equality and women’s empowerment into working to ensure that women have a real voice in all areas of their lives. To participate equally with men in public dialog and decision-making. To influence the decisions that will determine the future of their families and country.

Moving Beyond the Glass Ceiling

To advance within the process of womanhood and invest heavily in developing academically, athletically, or artistically. Not to rely on outward beauty, but strength in being gracious, kind, intelligent, self-assured and poised.

Generational Differences

The Traditionalists—born 1900 to 1945
Baby Boomers—1946 to 1964
Generation X—1965 to 1980
Gen Y or Millennials/Echo—1997 to 2001
Gen Z or New Silent Gen—2001 to present

Misconceptions of What it Means to Be a Lady

In today’s society, being a lady is lost among the sea of messages that says “what you wear, how you talk, hang with, dine, or spend time with. The truth is these are hardly accurate at all!

Here are some misconceptions about who is or is not a lady! Don’t let these stop you.

  • Knowing all the rules of etiquette
  • Being boring, not saying what you really think
  • Not fashionable – dresses conservatively, i.e. Victorian look
  • Doesn’t like sports
  • Elegant but not sexy

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