In-mate Matters Program
Thinking for Change (T4C)

Our Mission

The mission of “In-mates Matter” is to improve the lives of ex-felons and their families through a program that helps, families, and individuals succeed in the reintegration process. It is the mission of FID to provide work and other self-improvement opportunities to assist ex-offenders in becoming law-abiding citizens.

Our Core Beliefs

Family In Distress is the catalyst that brings people together to build and support a common agenda while collaborating to improve our communities. We honor, support, and engage approaches that have positive relationship to economic growth and value creation. We avoid discrimination in any form and believe in encouraging people to meet their full potential, and develop them into productive members of society, who are then able to raise their children and keep the family together.

Strategic Planning

Family In Distress, Inc. (FID) uses a strategic planning approach to management. Our strategic planning is driven by our mission and vision statements, which are supported by our goals and specific objectives. Regular strategic planning sessions are held by FID’s Executive staff to ensure that the agency's strategic goals, vision, and mission are the focal point in driving our continued efforts to address the major issues and challenges that face the agency both today and into the future.

Our Core Values

Excellence—We are professional workers committed to the highest level of performance.

Respect—We embrace diversity and recognize that all men are created equal in the sight of God. We embrace the notion that people have a right to be valued, and treated with dignity regardless of whether they are staff, ex-inmates or part of the general public.

Integrity—We demonstrate uncompromising ethical conduct in all our actions.

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